Just a reminder if you have a front door you should close it when you go to bed at night




I reckon I leave my front door completely unlocked about one night every fortnight.


And lock it too. Sometimes people forget to do that and scare themselves a little in the morning.


I reckon every couple of months for me. Last night was one of them.


Thanks, Lonzy.

Here is a minor domestic squabble you guys might love to weigh in on! Our front door is internal within the block of flats we live in, it has a standard lock and a deadlock as you might expect. My partner insists on the deadlock being locked EVEN WHEN WE ARE IN THE FLAT. This is weird/a fire-hazard right?


It’s probably worth the fire hazard to make your partner feel safe. It is a little weird, but we’re all weird about something.

An ex of mine would insist we locked and checked all the doors and windows before we went to bed. This is because she had a related horrific thing happen to her when she was young so I was cool with it.

What I’m saying is you should be more like me.


Great advice


This is a lovingly crafted, very touching post. Thank you.


It’s not weird if it’s what your insurance requires.


Couldn’t stand idly by when there’s a minor domestic squabble in the pocalypsenow household.


Thanks, man :slight_smile:


Hahaha! “Insurance” :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I believe (@marckee ?) that there is a requirement for your mortise deadlocks to have a little handle on the inside that you can turn to unlock them, thus you don’t need the keys to get out in the event of a fire. Our old Co-Op flat had these and I was told it was this sort of fire regs. Anyway, it was good because you could put the deadlock on without this fear.


As discussed elsewhere, I could stick a fork in a socket whilst simultaneously doing the washing up if I wanted so I don’t think “up to all standards and requirements” is really something you could say for my living arrangements.


Could read posts like this all day.


That’s not really correct.

And there are lots of different types of locks. In most conversions there will be something like a yale rim lock and a mortice deadlock. The deadlock will not be able to be opened from the inside without a key if it is locked.

Three-point locks have a lock that will only open from the outside if you have a key, and will open from the inside without a key, but there will also be a second, deadbolt lock, that will require a key no matter which side you are on.


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Don’t want to be a nit picker but what if you had a weird insurance policy? WHAT THEN?


This could be any city. They’re all the same.


@Balonz Just thought you might like a heads up on this one just incase you missed it.