Just a reminder if you own a smart phone you should have a lock screen on it



Someone I know on FB had her phone nicked out of her pocket and so had to wait until she got to a computer to lock out all her various social media items on there.

I mean I know most of you aren’t on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram but you probably have an email account on your phone.

(I recall doing this thread on the old forum and loads of you were pretty relaxed about perfect strangers being able to access all your data from your phone.)

Also worth keeping a note of your phone’s IMEI number if it’s not via contract as you might need it to get the phone fully cancelled, I think.


Hi Theo.

I have a pattern thing on my phone because of you.

I’m probably going to buy a new phone soon. Really cba.


nah, that’s not true. cancelled mine with just the number, bucko


Well that’s good. I know the insurance companies always ask for it, so…


The thing really missing from DiS2.0 is a @plasticniki phone thread. I think I went with my Xperia as a result of one.


I bought the OnePlus 3 after @eltham recommended it. It’s fucking great.


Got a thumbprint sensor, obviously.


same here, except i do what normal people do and use my fingerprints.


I reckon it’s about £100 out of my price range.


You have done me.


Might get a new phone soon, think the Nexus is due an upgrade soon right?


Of course, the fingerprints are less safe (supposedly) because your fingerprints are all over your phone so they can be harvested.


At that point they can just have my phone/data. If they’ve gone to that much bother they clearly need it more than I do.


New Google phones are being announced today. They’re called Pixel now rather than Nexus. Probs gonna be quite expensive though #brexit


Thanks for the #HotTip El!


Rumours are it’s made by HTC and will be on the iphone price point