Just another manic men free Monday

So the other morning thread is going to be whacked in with this one for us to discuss our Monday musings.

I have got work to do, by which I mean sitting on my laptop, moaning about the rain and starting one of the greatest HGATR threads in the history of the music board with thanks to @anon19035908

Let’s go!


Morning Slicks

Didn’t wake up until almost eight but could have actually done with being up a bit earlier, ah well.

My grand plan for today is hosting The World Cup of DiS Avatars :trophy: :yellow_circle: so stay tuned for that folks


How?! Why?!

So much to do. So little motivation.


Morning morning morning

Driving back to Bristol in a bit. It’s a lovely day, might stop in the cotswolds somewhere for a stroll on the way back.

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Salutations from Safebruvs Sanctuary

I’ll be here all day every day


What is that you are watching??.

Had a migraine last night in my sleep, still gotta run IT at work as am covering for someone. Great.

If you are into trout then I suggest Bibury. Big lads in the stream there.


So sleepy, was dreaming that I’d turned up to a funeral only because I heard that they were serving mini pancakes but I got woken up just before I ate them. They had nutella and raspberries because I was late and the strawberries were finished. Not sure how my brain does this, it was so detailed. Lovely summery afternoon and people were eating on a long table outside. Not sure if I feel slightly resentful about the pancakes or getting woken up by noise, feels like both

WWE Summerslam

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Woke up at 4am cos something bit the shit out of my feet and ankles and the itching was unbearable

Got back to sleep in the end but I’m so knackered.

Why must I be so delicious?

Morning, woke up every hour last night it seems, dog kept getting up, TV kept getting up, I kept getting up. Swear my bladder is very weak now as I had to go twice during the night. Loads of busy dreams, feel urgh but not as sick and ill as last Friday, thank god. Got 3 meetings this week and that’s it and they’re all today.


I’m going to the office today and I’m going to be late because I woke up late and the trains suck and I really really hate having to go into work instead of just working from home. Thankfully it’s only a day.

There’s also legionnaires in the water so I can’t use the toilet, wash my hands or get drinking water from the tap lol.

Day off :sunglasses: Hopefully, going to look at :art:

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Got a call with some internal recruiters at a place that I 100% do not want to work at later. Need to think up some good reasons for speaking to them that aren’t “my employer are currently doing redundancy consultations and there’s this whole massive fucking recession thing you might have heard about, so I’m trying to line up some backup options if it all goes wrong”

Tell them you have itchy feet.

Then send @kermitwormit pictures.

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‘New challenge’ obvs

Good weekend?

Good week ahead?

I was going to try and go swimming before work but slept rly badly so I have very much not gone swimming.

Ah swimming…