Just another manic Monday (evening thread)


Hey everyone

Don’t think I’ve ever started an evening thread in here.

This evening I have installed my new washing machine and made a life changing Spanish omlette thing. You?


Evening all.

Dog’s getting rowdy

send help


Evening @grievoustim

That looks like a good frittata :yum:

I have a cold so I am chilling on the sofa and catching up with Bake Off.


hey tim :wave:

hi everyone :wave:

here’s a thing:


Awaiting Lee Ranaldo, I’m thirsty but worried my seat will be stolen if I get up


I had a cold last week, it was horrible .

I haven’t seen last week’s bake off yet - might watch it but I hate the ch4 od app thing


omelette looks pretty bangin m9

I had cajun salmon which i’m not sure is an actual thing but i made it any way and it was good


Just leave your bag on the seat


That is a thing :+1:


I don’t have that much faith in humanity


Cooking up some Malaysian curry thing, fuck me just tasted that sauce…it’s got a fucking kick :grimacing::+1::hot_pepper:


It’s the first time in a while I’ve been ill so I’m feeling especially sorry for myself! :laughing:

Yes! The 4od app is the worst! So many adverts, and it crashes a lot.


Are you following a recipe? I need to eat something hot to help this cold.


If I was here and you left your seat I’d steal it


Yeah following this:

Although we’ve added in loads more chilli and garlic, and some fresh ginger, and harissa.

Would knock that cold right out I think :+1:


Remembered a satsuma in my bag, savouring every segment


That looks tasty af. We’re having some butternut squash risotto that’s still pretty frozen, so yeah, might not be eating until well late.

Been out a walk trying out a baby harness that my partner has hired. Was pretty uncomfortable and I picked up 6 mozzy bites in 4 mins. Thanks chaps. Having some beers to celebrate a day off and bought a bottle of caorunn gin.


Sitting in the conservatory (what a Tory) watching the Scotland game. Rain is pelting it down on the roof. Pleasantly soothing.


Evening. Have done absolutely nothing all day. Glorious.


Watching the Scotland Albania game aye?! Christ, you aff yer nut?! :grinning::wink: