Just Another Manic Tuesday

Tuesday day thread, what’re you up to?

Mainly getting depressed about Roe V Wade


Tomberlin last night was lovely :relaxed:

Work but have to squeeze in a tour this afternoon too, not sure I’m prepared for it. Hmmm.

Got 3 kids sleeping here tonight. Plus side is i have 4 pizzas :pizza:


:frowning: urgh. I feel you



Had a big bike ride planned but it’s raining which has (ahem) dampened my enthusiasm somewhat.

Still going to go out but not sure how far I cba to ride. Will see how wet the roads and etc are.

Bit of dog walking later and also need to go and pick my other bike up from the shop after getting a fixing.

AHHHH there’s always bloody something isn’t there :angry: gonna be one of those days I fear.

On the plus side I’m having a packet of scampi fries for breakfast cause when I went to the shop across the road for milk yesterday they were selling them for 10p. A pleasingly salty way to start Tuesday


Someone messaged me about them the other day and it auto corrected to Tom Berlin and its still amusing me.

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Another day off for me :smug face:

Off to Edinburgh to see the Audobon exhibition about sings an illustrated book about birds

Need to find somewhere good to have lunch.

Then Pizza and Thistle probably ending their season

Edit: actually, should probably put this in a different thread

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Anyone have any tips on how to function as a person. :disappointed::disappointed:

That’s an “I’m agreeing with you” like, rather than a “oh how wonderful” like btw.

Agree re: different thread and also if I can help in any way please let me know, always feel so helpless in regards to stuff like this even though it’s so so important

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Nothing. Again.

Feeling down again :person_shrugging:

Oh well it is what it is

Yay work!!!

Yay having to get up at 6.30 with a hangover to get home for work!!!

Yay red tape stopping me doing any actual work to the point where I’ve had to bollock the project manager and told him to get the project board in a room and get consensus or get a new project board!!!

Yay fuck off!!!

Glad I stayed up til nearly 12 cos I didn’t want the bank holiday to be over :sleeping:

So much dread :sob:

Slept horribly last night and woke up at half 4. On my way to Bristol now, feel like a shell of a human.

Fingers crossed I will be off on my hols on Friday afternoon. Please can I make it to my holiday Covid free :grimacing: although having been on 4 packed trains/buses over the weekend I’m not sure I will. (That said I think I avoided it at both gigs last week, even being in the third row surrounded by screaming teenagers)

I’m always in awe of how assertive you seem to be at work. got a lot of time for it tbh.

Morning all.

It’s my day in the office. I’m supposed to maybe have a second per week but my boss and I never finished that conversation and now I’ve no idea where she is. I’m not coming in later in the week unless specifically told I have to - the only difference between me working here and working at home is I can’t go bother the cat when I get bored. Rubbish.

I ruined my bank holiday weekend by getting absolutely bajanxed on Saturday for no reason. Still feel iffy now. Might have to have to knock the beers on the head for a bit. My brain is not enjoying my current drinking regime.

Hope you’re all well. Most of you don’t sound well tbh, which makes me sad. But I hope you can find some wellness somewhere.


I’m almost out of coffee, but it’s also coffee subscription day, which means more will arrive later, but probably not early enough for my day’s coffee needs. I might have to pop out at lunchtime and buy some more - and we’re almost in cold brew season, so ideally I’d have some v60 beans (on the chocolate/ nutty end of the taste spectrum), and some cold brew beans (with floral / citrus notes). But then I don’t know what coffee is going to be delivered later so I don’t know what complimentary coffee to get.

I never had these problems when I drunk instant


Corners of my mouth hurt from opening my mouth too wide to eat peanuts


Hope you recover from this, were they really big peanuts?

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