Just another Saturday on Drowned In Sound Dot Com

Lovely and sunny here, I’m off to work in a bit. What is everyone else up to?


A bluray edition of the classic 1973 Hovis ‘bike’ advert, I presume?


Did you know Ridley Scott directed that? Early treatment where the kid on the bike crested the hill and saw a wrecked alien spaceship in a desolate landscape was rejected apparently


Just about to try and identify birds! Wish me luck (and if you could sort out a sudden increase in my knowledge of birdsong too, that’d be great)


I did read it but all I could recall was that someone big had been behind it.

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The really big black ones are ravens, the large black ones are crows and the crazy ones are jays

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Morning all

Woken up by glorious sunshine after far too little sleep :sun_with_face:

Seeing my parents today for the first time since last summer and swapping Christmas presents :christmas_tree:

Hoping the weather holds so we can go for a long walk and then visit a pub :beers:

First order of the day is strong coffee then clean the flat as quickly as possible with some loud records on :notes:



Just woken up panicking about a work thing that’s probably fine, so I’m going to have to check that I’ve not completely fucked that before I do anything else.

Going to try to get out on the bike this morning. Then I’ve got some music stuff I want to work on.

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Morning all!

The Child is going to a garden birthday party this morning and then we’re shipping her off to her grandparents in Edinburgh. We are also staying in Edinburgh in a hotel and eating restaurant food.

I’m going to try to gym before we leave.

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Morning everyone!

Woke up at 5:30 for no reason. Good stuff.

MsGarnagle had her last day in work before maternity leave yesterday, so today/this weekend will involve taking apart the desk she’d been using for work and putting together the crib etc in what will henceforth be known as ‘the nursery’.

Might do some music stuff if I can find time between all that.


T-30 ish mins until I can handover and get out of work!

Might get a maccies breakfast as a treat on the way back
Or maybe a Gregg’s. Kinda fancy a breakfast baguette over a mcmuffin, but hash browns are king.


Yeah it’s fine. Ffs.

No way I’m getting back to sleep now though. :coffee:


The current biggest barrier to my music productivity is the thing that lets me move the Mood from the end of my chain (except for the looper(s)) to the beginning. Why record carefully played clean guitar parts when I can instead see what happens if I pass the Mood output through a ring modulator into two delays?

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Bairn one was a duckweed (I am keeping this autocorrect and you can’t stop me) last night and decided at 6am that he and bed were no longer pals. So I am awake with too little sleep.

Absolutely no plans today which I hate as it’ll make the day drag in and feel like a completely wasted day. Might try to wangle a nap in later.

It’s the 1st May! White rabbits white rabbits white rabbits.

Woke up slightly too early but managed to doze off again. Going to sit in bed with a record and a cuppa, then probably go for a walk, then clean the living room / dining room / kitchen / bathroom (check out Johnny Four Rooms here) and put some furniture back in place.

EDIT: this morning’s choice

  • coffee
  • Breakfast
  • Pet cat
  • Go for dander out to a book shop and some charity shops
  • Go to a deli and get a fancy sandwich
  • Home
  • Record podcast episode

The only thing that could top today off would be some weed but I don’t know anyone who sells anymore and I have no clue how to find anyone

Going to work. Been awake since 5 for some reason. Not happy.


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Sounds like a big mood.