Just another Saturday on Drowned In Sound Dot Com

Like lasagna without chips and garlic bread.


yesterday i went to macdonalds to buy a big coke and nothing else

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Good man. Probably the best thing they do tbh.

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warm and sliced nice and thick

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Some nice news for once

What’s the best pizza from Domino’s? Reply immediately.

The sizzler

Italian crust, extra cheese

I got Hot and Spicy with ham and mushrooms as extra toppings. Italian crust. Don’t know the difference between that and the thin crust.

Mastermind’s a load of shit. How well you do is determined by the length of the questions he asks.

Oops been posting in here instead of the Saturday thread

Happy May Day

@whiterussian could you please move my above posts into the Saturday thread if you can be arsed, I’ve ruined this thread accidentally

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  • i enjoy to chew the ice at the bottom of a big mcdonalds coke for pudding
  • no, and i’d buy an actual pudding if i wanted one

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That shit doesn’t melt. What’s with that?

i think the thickness of the cup provides some insulation.

Never buy coke from Mcdonalds. Milkshakes!

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Good thickness on the cups, now you mention it.

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too much. i need something light and fizzy.

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