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4-0 to Jarlaberg at half time

Go JBs!


For those interested, the final score;

Jarlaberg FF F13 6-1 Värmdö FF F13


What a wonderful night, lovely little panic attack in my sleep which woke me up at 5am, I didn’t even know that was possible. Not even a clear irl reason for one, and a piss poor reason in my dream to get THAT upset. I’ve had hundreds of more upsetting dreams but no the one that tips me over is about my ex (we broke up 6 years ago FFS) having a new partner.

What a start to the day.

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They clearly let the pressure drop in the second half.

Double training next week!

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Going to a botanical garden. Where I am there’s basically no green space at all and I’m a bit of sick of walks around the same area - so I’m excited to be somewhere nice for a change.

Have a good one everyone!


Magpies deserve recognition.

Heard some lovely Willow Warblers, and a cheeky little Treecreeper!

A good birdwatching was had by all.


I’m being terrorised by two mistlethrush and can only assume they know I own Fig and he’s tried some hunting nonsense out on them. I sat on the bench outside last night and two of them sat on the other end of it and did their football rattle noise at me for the entire time. Then when when came in I looked in the back and Fig was play fighting with the fox and it was still light and I’m still reeling that I had no phone battery for either events.

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So by my calculations roughly 50% of DiS will be listening to Out of Time today.

Just did boiled eggs, still haven’t really worked out our movements today. Kids just want to mill around in the garden which works for me

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mild hangover only. going to go for a walk in a minute, drink some coffee, maybe work on some music and possibly pub later? all really just a preamble to watching the wicker man tonight tho. :fox_face: :raccoon: :monkey_face:


Poor Värmdö FF :cry:


The Nic Cage masterpiece yeah?

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Jon Snow leaving Channel 4 News


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Woke up at 6.30 tried to get back to sleep but got out of bed angry about not being able to get back to sleep 10 minutes later

It was 10 o’clock :grinning:

Tell me what this is please!

Morning everyone :heart:

I’m off for a week :tada: looking forward to some avocados on toast for breakfast! Then we are going to make a cake before we go to the park later to meet some pals.

What kind of cake you ask? A Bakewell tart cake. Thank you for asking.


What the everloving fuck is going on in that Guinness glass?


I was just about to post the same question.

It’s making me feel ill.


Bloody going shopping n that innit. Need some socks!

The cake, give me that

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