Just ate a Peperami


Red one. Wasnt bad. Still dont get why its in a condom


Good #content @TKC


Could be a good “popular food you’ve never eaten” thread in this.

  • Custard


Nah cause I’ve not eaten loads and I’ll get labelled a freak, still feeling the stings from not using a tin opener


How can you not fucking eat fucking custard?

(apologies if you’re lactose intolerant but … leap before you look right?)


but I’ll do it cause it’s CHristmas

NOTE - may have eaten one of the below when younger but do not remember

  • Banana (texture looks rank)
  • Tuna (stinks)
  • an egg (boiled/fried/scrambled etc - stinks, dont like the word)
  • Custard (no reason why not)
  • most cheeses (tried brie or something when young, hated it, extend my hate to all types of cheese)


You can get soy custard and it’s absolutely fine, so wade right in, Dave.


Eggs and cheese!? :joy:

Who is the tinned food guy on here…?


Same guy.


I think it’s Fuzzydunlop that likes that.




thats also me

yeah just dont bother with them, dont think im missing out. my housemate often has fried eggs and they proper stink


prime opportunity for a good thread title edit here. I’ve used mine for the day though :frowning:


How about cheesecake…?
Or meringue


No, you’re right.


Not used mine, hit me.


and do the cha-cha


You’re too far away, but believe me I would!

(work back from the OP as a punchline, let your mind wander)


Oh aye yeah I’ve obviously had them mixed in with things, like I’ve had pizza, just not in a “pure form”