Just been handed a baby shower card to sign


What the fuck do you write in a baby shower card?

And when did we start sending baby shower cards?


“You needed a shower, you fucking stink!”


Happy birthday! Kind regards


I hate shit like this. Gives me extremely bad vibes as the baby isn’t even born yet.

Just write ‘Good luck! x’ and pass it on.


All the best for your shower.




“Hope you have a good baby xoxo”


I doubt the baby will be able to read it so just put anything down.



I work in an all female team and I genuinely spend about 25% of my time signing cards. What the fuck.


never heard it called that before etc etc


all the best hun x


Excited f̶o̶r̶ ABOUT the birth of your baby


Dear baby,

Have a good one!



Same here. The pain is real.


I feel ‘Enjoy the birth!’ would work well.


“Happy Birthtime to your baby! 0 today! Happy Birthtime baldy! You are borned!”


This is also the first day of your death if you think about it.

All the best,



“Don’t stop until you drop”


My disdain of cards was well known at my previous place of work, and after 3 years solid service being part of a successful team I had a card with the only thing written was:

“Enjoy yer paedo holiday”