Just been listening to "Effloresce" by Oceansize

Great album.


Interesting. I listened to it on [checks last.fm] 16th March 2020 and it wasn’t as good as I remembered it being. Sorry Jords.

Few great songs on there but they definitely went on to better. Quite a lot of their albums are a mixed bag for me but Self-Preserved is solid gold.

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Music for Nurses > Frames > EiP > Home & Minor > Effloresce > Self Preserved…


25 of the best minutes in music, imho. Treat yourself

Edit: I mean, BYE


Actually I listened to Everyone Into Position not Effloresce! I’m very sorry for misleading everyone

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Yeah nothing touches it. Just a perfect, complete piece of music. Really hear a lot of Cardiacs in it too. Adios!


Still sounds as fresh today as it did 17 (!!! wtf???) years ago.

Agree that MFN is the high point of their output but it’s all consistently good to great.

Would like to see more love on the Boards for Vennart and British Theatre tho’.

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Good list, but EiP above Effloresce? Show your working :slight_smile:

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Their GOAT


That song is one of the best of all time. However, there is quite a bit of filler on that album: Mine Host / The Charm Offensive / Heaven Alive…

The highs are brilliant though (Music for a Nurse / A Homage to a Shame / Can’t Keep a Bad Man Down…)

On the whole, while Effloresce has two bits of filler (Rinsed and Unravel) it is more consistent.

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Music for nurses was definitely their best. Didnt they blow their budget on it and have to make EiP on a shoestring? Would still go MfN → EiP → Effloresce for me. Effloresce is good but too long and has some rubbish bits.

Charm offensive, a homage to a shame and no tomorrow are bangers imo.

Hi mike


Effloresce is still a proper go-to for me - that and those early EPs. Reminds me of seeing them at Big Hands in Manchester and then it soundtracked pretty much the whole of my first semester of uni. I remember not being as keen on Music For Nurses when it came out, but listened to it recently and it’s top init. None of the albums after ever clicked as much. Maybe I should revisit them too.

Vennart’s most recent album is ace though - would recommend!

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That’s a great track but don’t think the rest of the album matches up to Effloresce

that home & minor EP has some absolute belters on it


Love Effloresce, funnily enough only listened to it myself the other week for the first time in ages, Amputee should be my signature song! :grinning:


Its the one with Amputee on right? Jeez that was a banger


my favourite song of theirs is ‘Long Forgotten’ </3

Saw them touring this at Stoke Sugarmill (supported by Biffy Clyro) was well impressed though never really clicked with any of the subsequent albums