Just been looking into Sidney Youngblood

and was shocked to find out that he came third last in this year’s German I’m a Celebrity Jungle (won by Jenny Frankhauser half-sister of Daniela Katzenberger.

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Keep us posted!

Thomas Häßler came fourth the year before. As a lad I thought he was smashing, those free kicks in Euro '92.

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Isn’t there a limit on how many threads you can start each day?

Wouldn’t have thought so mate

I really like ‘ß’

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Is this another Harry Potter thread?


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That’s the Sidney Muggleblood thread.

It would be a tragedy if there was.

Here are the true heroes of DiS (and epimer):


What are the numbers?

If you click on the picture you get a couple of additional heroes.

Loved me a bit of If Only I Could back in the day

Real grounbreaking heroes are in the 500 club:

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Yeah that is what got me thinking. Some other Youngblood was on the radio and then I thought did Sid really do all he can to make the world a better place and it turns out that maybe he did.

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Can’t believe I’m lagging so far behind AggPass in likes received. I need to get a dog.

Likes? Fuck likes. Do you want to be great or be liked?

I’d settle for “tolerated”, really.

Maybe there should be a ‘I feel neutral about this post’ button.

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We could use the Flag Post button for it until sean implements it in the next big update.