Just been nibbling on some pickled ginger

Fuck y’all

I was tipsy at best


Welcome to the boards, Ed.


Hi Ed, your profile reads

I have the Heinz ketchup logo tattooed on his arm

Whos arm was it tattooed on?

Big fan!

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Patrick Wolf, of course

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Thanks for the reply

Big fan

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Wow, @EdSheeran has joined!

Sean wants to know if you can contribute towards server costs.

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has the Heinz Ketchup logo tattoo on his arm.

Fuck off swimming pool twat

I don’t understand this, but I enjoy how strident it is.

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He was shite in Harry Potter an all

Oh I was trying to remember what that was called, the other day

I’ve just been pickling on some nibbled ginger!!!

(hi Ed, you were great in GoT!)