Just been to a yoga class for the first time


This lad Karl that I used to do wrestling training with was there. Was nice to catch up with him.


Normal or bikram?


Doing yoga sounds like a major Undertakering


How’s your flexibility? When I used to go, they’d give me a little box.


Are you only allowed to go if you’re willing to fight someone in a ring?


Karl Normal, that’s the lad!


Yeah I got one for the exercise where you spread your legs and bend forward


Yogaing back again?


Yeah I really enjoyed it


Oh you liked bluto’s pun but you ignored my amazing one? Screw you, Numbers!


I didn’t get it


I thought you know that the Undertaker was a wrestler. He’s pretty famous. Hence ‘Undertakering’. Oh well…


Did the Undertaker do yoga?


Dunno, I haven’t watched all his matches.


Even for you that’s a bit of a stretch


See that @1101010 ? That’s a pun!


“Yoga go there to come back” - Kelly Jones