Just been to Sainos Cafe



I’m not happy with this layout


Not sure about the g-bread on a dish like this?


chips are hair garlic bread ears and egg eyes


it wants sauce


For the g-bread?




love a sainos cafe


i guess yeah. think the chips are going to be dry too.

it’s a no from me.


taste the indifference


I would remove the g-bread and add a little pot of beans and then I’d squirt some ketchup somewhere. Also I probably wouldn’t have ordered this dish anyway.


looks adequate


I like that you could share this with someone (special) by just cutting it down the middle.


Oh yeah two things:

  • I added the garlic bread as a side
  • Tim got a pot of gravy with his roast beef baguette so i put some of that on the chips. Also had some mustard


Classic Tim!


has this been in a filter to take the colour out?


the ham looks a funny colour, but maybe thats just your camera

is the garlic bread included as standard - or is this an extra? seems weird

  • I added the garlic bread as a side


Added a filter


Can someone please Photoshop this onto Dolph Lundgren’s body? Thanks