Just bought a Berghaus jacket



How have YOU changed into an old person lately?


Just need to make the next step to Jack Wolfskin to go full German Tourist.


I bought one back in January to keep me waterproof when I cycle to work.




Can probably count on one hand the times when I have gone to bed after midnight in the last 6 months.

So many grey hairs. As evidenced most recently when I went and got my haircut and most of what the hacked away of my fringe was 100% grey.


Personally I’ve always been into old lady chic.


I also permanently look 12.


today I am wearing:

Columbia fleece
North Face waterproof
Timberland boots

functional & comfortable, far more important than style


Haha!! No ya don’t. Though, I have the same concern… I got told I looked 16 the other week. I’m crossing my fingers it’s the braces.


I thought grey hair DID NOT EXIST (dramatic music)


It’s probably that blood of virgins I bathe in. Surprisingly cheap when you buy it in bulk.


also what jacket did you get @xylo


Increasing numbers of grey hairs on the sides. Going to either have to give up plucking them out soon, or give up working full time to give me time to keep up with the plucking.


I’m a big fan of these logic grid puzzles:

(Also got some grey hairs, but not noticeably)


Any shade change to your cock?


Oh and as of the past six months, I always make sure to have some TicTacs in the car.


I have this too but they’re mostly hidden under the mane. I’ll forget about them until I go to tie my hair up and there they are! Taunting me. Horrid witchy hairs.


That sounds like a good TicTac.


You can expect more of the same as I grow older.


Something about the light in the gents toilets at work really brings mine out. Then I can’t find them again when I’m at home in my bathroom with tweezers to hand but I KNOW THEY’RE THERE.



Just let them grow in and then get a blue rinse. You’ll look very cool.