Just bought a can of cherry cola by accident

The can is too similar to normal Coca-Cola. This is a problem that I have identified.


First draft Savage Garden lyrics etc. etc.


My condolences.

this happened to me too!!!

I’ll take it off your hands. Love the stuff


I can accept some responsibility, as there is a picture of a cherry and the word “CHERRY” on the can, but (a) it’s still obviously far too similar to normal Coca-Cola, and (2) it was next to the normal cans in the shop.

This is clearly a deliberate way to get accidental sales.

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Cherry Coke is nicer than normal Coke, congratulations!


It’s a taste I’ve never fully trusted, not sure why.

They should get Cher to advertise it as Cher-ry Coke.

C-O-L-A Cola?


I would like to see this

Cherry cola is only ever purchased by accident tbh.

Sweet like a chica cherry cola, thanks that’s in my brain now for my lunchbreak,

Your schoolboy error is unfortunate but not totally fatal, since cherry cola is still ok. I recently picked up a new pepsi max ginger by mistake. Nearly died when it tasted my tastebuds, it’s like antifreeze (and I LOVE all things ginger usually).

That is very similar. I would say deceptively similar. You are correct.

I feel like the Pepsi ginger might be a decent mixer with rum or something.

Thanks. I’ll probably email them a link to this thread, then we can probably expect major can design changes in the next financial quarter.

The guy who runs my local indepenent cinema buys in cherry coke specially for me because he knows how much I love it. What a guy.


its the best flavour so dont worry

I whole heartedly agree

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This is yet another example of why witness testimonials in court are so unreliable.