Just bought a multipack of Rolos

Each individual tube contains 7 (seven) Rolos.

This fucking country.


Eat Rolos, Rolos, Rolos, Rolos WHAT

Ru only live once

7 rolos AND you have to give the last one to someone you love, so you’re only getting 6.

You’ve been mugged mate.


It’s in the post to you

rolos are a bit shit as they make the back of your throat tickly and sore

I haven’t eaten a rolo for years. I have now eaten 6 (really 7). They were ok.

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glad you enjoyed them :slight_smile:

are you going to save the last one in each pack for someone special or just eat them all yourself you selfish bastard.

Even worse, Richie. He made out he was going to send one and then told Bammers he ate it himself.


Hey, I had an extra one from a different packet!

Have they reduced the number then?

Not sure I’ve ever bought a pack but I would have guessed 10 rolos per pack

you fucker @anon29812515


This is from 2008.

Admittedly mine is a multipack but still.

Holding the tube felt like (I would imagine) grasping a very small erect penis.

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You can keep your mouldy old rolo thankyouverymuch.

That’s a rolover

Although I would argue that the decision WHO to give it to has not changed one iota.

Where did you buy the multipack from?

11 seems like a very reasonable number*.

*tries to blank out image of rest of post

After Eights > Munchies > Rolos, imo

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