Just bought some lip balm

First time in about 20 years

What small item have you recently bought which was the first time you had done so in ages?

Not asking for big expensive items which you can only reasonably buy every decade or whatever, I mean small everyday things

ordnance survey map

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never used lip balm what’s it for?

Got some dry lips

I just lick them

mine not yours I mean


That method wasn’t working for me today so I thought you know what, lets do something I haven’t in years and get some lip balm

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I bought some new nigella seeds yesterday. I reckon it took me a good four years to get through my previous jar of nigella seeds.


Mine is rather dull. I bought some heat pads for my back cause i’ve got back ache for the first time in years.

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Try and get through these in 3

Lip balm isn’t too exciting either tbf!

oh and my answer is grapes.

Going to get some every week now though, they’re delicious!

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Red, green or black ones?

I guess I’d better bake some more Persian-style focaccia then. That’s the only thing I use them for.

black last week, red this week. Before that it had probably been 5 years since I ate a grape. Both great but the red ones are a bit nicer I think

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Fair point :rofl:

I’ve been on a grape hype recently, bought some for the first time in a while 3 weeks ago and been getting them every week now. I like the mixed packs you can get. Delicious :slight_smile:

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Got one of those big massive bags of white basmati the other day. Been like 5 months since I last bought one.


I like both too but last time I had black ones, some had these weird white gunk on. It seems common and washed off but it was a bit offputting

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what flavour?