Just done the greatest thing of all time

Found out that the thing on the kitchen door that’s meant to slow the door down as it closes wasn’t broken but it just needed the screws tightening to make it actually do its job. My flatmate would just let it slam shut really loudly no matter what the time. I’ve just got my screwdriver out and now it closes so gracefully arghgggf gonna cry


Slow close is a fantastic thing. Do love the power it gives me.


chuffed for you, mate

Delighted for you pal, got the fizz on the go up here

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This makes 2016 all worth while!

Be funny if my flatmate comes in at about 3 in the morning and I’m just stood in his bedroom adjusting his door

(Only funny if you know that I never talk to anyone etc)

:door: :mute:


A toast!