Just dug out my old portable Mini-Disc player



It still works! @plasticniki

I still have some MDs too. What a time to be alive!!


I’m going for a poo.




Loved them.


I am so glad this website still exists: http://minidisc.org/index.php


How the fuck is there a mini-disc emoji? :minidisc:


How the fuck didn’t you know there was a minidisc emoji???

Probably had about 6 years of Christmases and birthday when you could guarantee I got some blank minidiscs.


Really miss MiniDiscs. I’ve got my old player/recorder, which was a thing of beauty, but alas no recordable discs. I do however own The Bends and Liquid Skin on MiniDisc (bought in New York because I bought the player there).


I’ve still got Moby - Play, TFC - Bandwagonesque, MSP - Gen Terrorists and maybe some a Radiohead album too.


Never thought of Theo as backwards compatible.


Some of the ‘useful tips’ on there are amazing. E.g. the guy who used it to listen to his emails.

I know exactly what he looks like, and it’s not far of Milton from Office Space.


We had this and I thought it was the coolest, most futuristic thing ever. The middle bit changed colour and tilted up for the CD tray to pop out or down for the minidisc slot. Incredible.


chill out, reef


Phwoar!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


TBF my stereo downstairs does minidiscs. I am just amazed this old portable is still working but it’s probably about the same period, e.g. 15 years old.


I still have my mini-disc walkman - plus some blank discs

it still works


fuuuucking hell that’s lovely

I had this:

So bloody cool.

I had a massive Sharp stereo before it but it broke and I was devastated:



You know what’s really handy? The amount of smaller bands these days solely releasing their stuff on cassette. Really convenient, that.


I used to love those things. I never had one with MDs in but I had a 5 CD changer thing that was amazing.

My mate Nick had one you could fit 50 CDs in (all next to each other like one of those car changers). It was incredible. He had no idea where anything was in it.


I had this in black, I found it the other day along with all my copied minidiscs, featuring such delights as:

Rage Against The Machine
Reel Big Fish
New Found Glory
At The Drive In
Green Day
The Used

what more could you want


oh and the only hifi we had in the house that played them was in the kitchen but I basically never had a chance to use it cos why would my parents want to listen to RBF (it’s still there in my parents house, looks pretty good for a nearly 15 year old hifi tbh)


I have two of these feckers hanging around somewhere

the original chunky MZ-R50 was the best
had an MZ-R37 too

yes, I can still remember their product codes SONY4LYF