Just earned 3 badges at the same time




You’ve liked 50 things on the same day?!

Out of Love
This badge is granted when you use all 50 of your daily likes. Remembering to take a moment and like the posts you enjoy and appreciate encourages your fellow community members to create even more great discussions in the future.


Oh yeah more than once

I’m a very loving person. Or just very easily impressed


I’ve only given 97 :heart:s in total. I’m more generous than Balonx though


You’ve got a badge for 10 likes for one post though, I’ve not :’(


And that was for a joke I’ve told at least four times before on DiS!


Imagine, if only everyone were as generous with their likes as me, we’d all have that badge – and not just for recycling jokes!

Who am I kidding, the entire social board is just about recycling jokes.


You’ve got a badge for reading every reply of a 100-reply thread. That deserves a fucking medal tbf.


No idea what thread that was though, I’ve probably just scrolled through while watching tv to be honest


So many classics to choose from. It’s no wonder people are calling this “a bit less shit than the old DiS”


All these badges is like being back in the fecking brownies.