Just eaten Weetabix for the first time in years


What simple pleasures have you been overlooking?


Just had some Crunchy Nut Cornflakes for the first time in years. Pretty enjoyable.


I’ve got some faggots in the fridge I might eat for lunch.


Sticking to the cereal theme, My friend did Airbnb last summer and had a load of variety boxes left over!! Mmm cocopops, my old friend.


Got a bowl of @jordan_229’s country crisp with raspberries on the go atm, it’s pretty bloody good.


Easy to forget how nice beans on toast are if you don’t have them every often.


nearly got cocopops from the shop earlier instead of the crunchy nuts


Next time forgo both and simply buy… cornpops! Or whatever similar product they have now. THE BUSINESS, THE fucking BEES KNEES! They were so good.


How many variety boxes do you eat at once? I feel that two is the minimum.


I have only ever eaten one in a sitting! :fearful:


Well now I feel bad


nah, two is definitely the minimum


Always thought that when global warming really kicks off and the oceans really do rise that we should stick a few Weetabix in the sea. Those cereal sponges will sort it out.
Reckon 8 for the Pacific, 6 for the Atlantic and around 9 others spread at strategic positions elsewhere will keep the oceans at their present levels.


Haha, greedleguts.

That wee shocked face was actually meant more for the fact I’d only ever had one at a time… it does seem a little odd! They’re so wee!!


Dunno, but I once had 5 Weetabix in one go.


If you’re ever paranoid about your bowls being too small, just pour a variety box of cereal into them and they’ll look gigantic


I’m sorry but that is too much Weetbix.

Did you rehydrate afterwards?


I have five weetabix for breakfast every day


Yes, I drank Loch Lomond.


Do you eat weetabix dry?