Just found a can of diet coke with a date of Jan-16 on the bottom

In a hidden fridge upstairs. Everybody upstairs is gone so we are on the pilfer and are cherry picking everything, total office refurb. Got a new fella starting next week so we are going to make it nice for him. Might even ask the cleaner to come in.

Maybe take acid before you do and then it can be a Vice article.


I meant where did you find the fridge? I fully understood where an old can of D-Coke might have been.

In J******'s old sub-PA office thing in a cupboard.

How is Janitor?

It’s amazing how much you overshare here on community.drownedinsound.com yet how much of a baffling mystery your life continues to be.



To be fair, the full roast eater found it.

he’s wasting his time here tbh

And there’s the proof, I did have my doubts I know what an imagination you have.

It tastes ok, I think I might make it through.

What is it with you and out-of-date beverages?

If the full roaster drunk it first and dies you know you will only have a certain amount of time to find a cure!

He can be the next riddle over in saps’ thread.

“A man drinks a can of coke. Minutes later he kills himself”


It’s only 10 days what’s the worst that could happen?

Let’s pretend I said nothing here.

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Woah. Real time edit before my very eyes!

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It’s like I’m a real person.

Sounds like something for season 5 of Sherlock tbh