Just found out a Hey Arnold movie came out in 2017

and that it was critically acclaimed - why didnt any of u tell me?

The girl with the rugby ball head always freaked my nut.

The TV show ‘Arthur’ was the worst though, all those weird animals living in harmony. There’s no way an Ardvark would get on with a Rabbit, much less be best friends with one.

I think you’ll find football head is Arnold!

Wow, I’ve completely misremembered the shape of her head. I think I hated her character as well as the shape of Arnold’s head, so there’s a bit of psychic interference going on in my brain.

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I really didn’t like Arthur though

Loved Hey Arnold though

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@filmclubbers can we watch this please


100% on Rotten Tomatoes!


it serves as a finale to the tv show as well! it’s very good.

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I think Hey Arnold was big in that whole Vaporwave aesthetic I was vaguely aware of