Just found out my art has been banned


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made this for an exhibition my mate was putting on about dementia at sheffield uni. when the exhibition ended, he found another venue for it for a few weeks which was great coz it meant that more people would see it. it was a local church, he text me when it went up saying they were “trying to break the stigma of churches” so they agreed to put the exhibition on. this was two weeks ago. just found out today its been taken down because the congregation and minister were worried that the naked man made of wool has a naked penis made of wool. feel like ive made it now ive been banned

Ever been banned from anywhere?

Isn’t all the christian art paintings of angel kid nobs anyway?




too late pal, im already banned for flashing my woolly willy


Be interesting to see if the church has a picture up of a semi-naked, dying Jesus.


I always felt there was something subversive and blasphemous about you.


with his willy out?


Can they show the drawn-on dog instead?


I’ve definitely seen willy-out on-the-cross Jesus before. (Not sure if in an actual church or in the Medieval Art section of a museum)


wait til they find out JC hung out with prostitutes and stuff. thats when the shit really guess down!


So what your are saying is that we should gather together and chainsaw down the church?


He’s unelectable enough as it is!!!


congrats viney


how quickly can you have access to one?


this is the first reply i was expecting, thanks x


something something _crotch_et (help me out joke workshop)


I’ve had I’ve with me all week.


yeah me too


It was nothing to do with the picture, mate. They found out your links to “Rugrats Kids grown up” and washed their hands of you, and who could blame them?