Just found out my art has been banned



Maybe your local mosque will exhibit it instead. Just tell them it’s Muhammad.


Doesnt look anything like Chuckie Finster




This is some pretty edgy posting





its just penis envy


They’re idiots.

Excellent woolly naked man :thumbsup: How have you done that?



thanks! its based on a life drawing i did at uni. i covered it with cling film then traced the drawing with one piece of wool and sort of painted over it with a PVA/water mix. then i peeled off the cling film, trimmed any excess and sandwiched it between two cheap picture frames. hilariously he has slipped in the meantime so he doesnt stand quite as proud as he does in that original picture any more, hes very slumped. i quite like that about it thouhg, theres no way i could have predicted how much it would change by being hung up and theres also no way of stopping it, its kind of taken on a life of its own


That’s really cool. I like the idea that it’s always changing, getting more and more slumped, like he’s getting older or changing position or… something, haha!! It sounds like it just adds to it. Also, having your picture banned is nothing but kind of awesome :wink: though, they’re still total idiots, I can’t believe they banned it for having a penis :unamused:


can a mod put some nsfw tags on this please


heres the bumpf from the exhibition if youre interested

so the falling over sort of suits it


Which church?




I am! and good bumpf, it most certainly does suit it. I love when stuff like that happens and it still manages to work.


There’s probably a tasteless joke to be made here…


Oh right, because I was going to ask how you could claim he didn’t have a willy


You’ve lost me there


Can’t remember off the top of my head, somewhere in Sheffield. The rest of the exhibition’s still up so I wouldn’t want to cause a fuss or anything