Just found out my degree result

I got a 2:1!



Nice one! Congratulations!


well done, you’re a smart cookie x

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@anon5266188 and @Bamnan Thanks! (I don’t feel smart tho x)

As soon as I handed in my dissertation a few weeks ago, I re-read it and had a horrible feeling I was in dangerous waters. It’s been gnawing at the back of my head for a while. I was on the borderline between a 2:1 and a 2:2, and I needed to get at least 57 to get a 2:1 overall. I’ve been having nightmares where I’ve found out I got 56, 55 etc.

Got 65 yay!


what did you study?

Not surprising given how small the nitpicking was with your dissertation. I managed a smiler grade and was convinced my dissertation was 100% utter bullshit.

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English Language

My dissertation was based on language and politics. Typically an election was announced as soon as I was finishing it.

well done m9

I’m going to miss hearing about it :wink:


@anon14643532 2:1 world

congratulations man, i actually got a 2:1 in english language graduating nearly 10 year ago. if you’re anything like me you’ll realise 6 months after you qualify that your degree means fuck all, end up working in a call center and have to spend years studying something else (i’m a bitter accountant now).

hit me up for some linguistics chat. my dissertation was on language used in talk radio phone-ins. it was definitely the most fun I had and I think it reflected in the work as I got 77, won some awards and £40 worth of book tokens which fetched £35 on eBay.

anyway enough about me, congratulations again!

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nice one punko.

remember my university sent out results in PDF format, containing everyone on the degree’s result. I’m ashamed to say that I rather enjoyed seeing that this prick who must, over the course of 3 years, remarked ‘so its like in the Matrix, then’ hundreds of times (I did philosophy) got a 2:2.


He was a wanker for other reasons though (proper MRA/stupid views on women’s rights/spent most of the lectures looking at fashion blogs on his laptop).

Well done, punko. Top top achievement!

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I KNEW you had it in ya!

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Good lad
Very many congrats.
You’re a good un

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oh you’re definitely smarter than me then, well done :slight_smile:

It’s one of those things where you hand it in, and you have absolutely no idea what sort of mark you’re gonna get. With shorter essays you can sort of guess/be more optimistic, but with 12,000 word monsters it’s so unpredictable!

I also remember starting a thread where I asked how many sources should be included in a dissertation. It’s a silly question because it depends on the nature of your work, but everyone everywhere seems to say they included about 70+ in theirs. Mine only had 27 :fearful:


Yeah, I guess. I’m just glad it’s all over, including waiting for the results! I’ve been worrying about it for ages (tbh I’ve been even more worried about it than the election).

Mine was about how evaluative language was used in political leaflets for the 2015 election. Basically the idea is that candidates in safe seats tend to use stronger evaluations and positive representations of themselves (which is why they did well), whereas candidates in marginal seats tend to use weaker evaluations and negative representations of their opponents (which is why they did less well). It ended up being far more complicated than was perhaps necessary. Writing it up took forever!

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Well, congratulation man,