Just found out that different coffee places have different amounts of caffeine in their coffee

In the same size for example Cafe Nero was something like 80g and Greggs was 225g!! Greggs!

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Greggs latte does always feel very coffeey

Costa is the highest, 297g. Reckon I can tell, usually end up a twitchy gurning mess after one.

Costa more caffeine?? Can’t beIiefe that they always taste so milky and nothingy. Huh


Can’t believe you’d have a coffee at Cafe Nero and not know you’re consuming so little caffeine in comparison. It’s like asking for a double gin and tonic and them just giving you half of a shot and serving you that like it’s fine and for the same price.

I prefer Nero tbh, maybe caffeine isn’t such a big deal after all. Very revealing thread, lots to think about

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I like it but I don’t really understand the point of it

Sane with decaff, some places are almost caffeine free, some have a lot more wiggle room on their definition.

Not going to coffee shops anymore as I want sugar free soya milk and obviously that is too fussy and wanky a request to ever verbalise to another human being.

Could get into drinking it black, must save so much fuss. I wish I could but it tastes disgusting to me

Actually asked if they had unsweetened soya milk earlier in costa and they were all “nah,mate” and then they made the drinks with semi skimmed milk…:man_facepalming:

That makes sense actually

bit more of a ‘bite’ and bitterness to tenderstem too imo.

remember when tenderstem wasn’t a thing? awful.


Starbucks tea tastes a bit like coffee

Yeah it seems like here in Aus the coffee shops all use this variety ‘Bonsoy’ which is actually great. I had sworn off soya milk due to sugar aspect.

But also I am like you in not wanting to be a wanker in coffee shops. Luckily the Aus places all put their milk brands on display (so many different types of soy, almond and oat) so I have got good at doing a quick scan for the brand I like so I can just request the one that won’t taste like shit without a pause.

Being a wanker in coffee shops is actively encouraged here.


Apparently brocoli can help you clear your caffeine quicker, which is pretty great when you arrive at your destination and your only option without taking a slight detour is to grab a Costa coffee but then 20 minutes later realise you’re fast approaching the true crown prince of chain coffee shops, Nero. Just bosh a 500g portion of purple sprouting and you’ll good to go, m4.


High dose vitamin C as well

Snort some berroca and you’re on your way

(Don’t do this)

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Bonsoy is really good, it’s the soy milk that responds to steam wand heating in the most similar way to dairy, avoiding curdling issues and actually holding a proper microfoam (source - when I was a barista at specialist tea and coffee shop we did a big comparison of all the non-dairy milks because we were fed up of having to serve sub-standard non-dairy options and wanted to figure out what actually worked best). Second up in the non-dairy stakes for similarity of product was Oatly Barista, in case anyone’s interested.

[Narrator: They weren’t]


What I don’t really get is why they add sugar to nearly all soya milks in the first place. In coffee I can’t really taste the difference anyway, just let me sweeten myself ffs?!