Just found out what Spiritland is

looks like goin’ for a night out to Richer Sounds or somethin’
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It’s an awful place full of pseuds and tryhards listening to terrible Roy Ayers records on a soundsystem that really doesn’t sound anything like as good as they seem to think it does (or apparently cost)

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*a new vinyls listening experience


Haha! OK. From that video it looks kinda brilliant and awful at the same time.

How does a cafe afford what is presumably an inordinately expensive setup like that? How much do they charge for toast?

food isn’t actually too bad, pricewise, by the looks of things

I can only assume they’re selling gear round the back, then

Probably those guys in white vans who always have speakers to sell

Keep thinking this is a thread about Slint and not vinyls wankers

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went there once. went slightly deaf in one ear and paid £6 for average bottles of beer.

eventually left and went to the Queens Head round the corner for some lovely pints and listened to a local playing the upright :+1:t3: