just got a butter dish

i am basically downton abbey now.

do YOU gots a butter dish?


I have a La Creuset butter dish that was on our wedding list. Never use it.

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where do you keep it?

A small round dish that is used for a small amount of butter to be stored outside the fridge, so it is instantly spreadable. The remaining butter is stored in the fridge, plus more in the freezer.

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Yeah. It’s a massive life improvement, being able to actually spread real butter. I think it cost me about £8 in Morrisons.




Yes - I have one and my butter goes in it


I’ve always used a butter dish, it’s one of those habits I picked up from my parents. Current one is glass, with a cow in a field moulded into the lid.


your butter goes on it

I too have a Le Creuset butter dish. At the moment it has some butter in it, nothing else.

Don’t have one but not against.

Think they’re actually not useless and only for post people like multiple ovens

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In a cupboard but this thread has inspired me to move it to the kitchen side and maybe even use it.


We do not have a butter dish, because we do not have butter, but the spreadable stuff instead.

I can see that it would be a useful thing to have if you did have butter though.

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In it, it has a lid

Yes I have a butter dish. Why would I want to put cold butter on my toast thus cooling the temp of the bread I intentionally heated up?

Mine is glass too and a colour that matches nothing else in the kitchen. Actually, think I might make myself a new butter dish.

It has a cow on the lid

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Butter dish butter dish ra ra ra.


I can’t believe it’s not butter dish

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We have two, on rotation.

isn’t it harder to cut the butter if they’re spinning?