Just got a latte


Don’t really drink coffee but I watched a few Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee episodes on the train on Saturday and thought “maybe I’ll have a latte” so now I’ve got a latte. Any questions?



Where did you purchase this latte?


Pret A Manger (Ready To Eat)


Did any of this go through your head?


Got a latte from the government the other day…


Nah, I just said “Can I have a latte please?” and braced myself for an onslaught of questions that mercifully didn’t come


My one is from Pret A Manger


Was convinced this would be a Jordan thread


High praise! Thanks!


I am drinking some coffee too and eating a Guinness cake and listening to stupid beat tapes with cat noises

Best lunch break ever


Did it take a long time to arrive after ordering it?


have you drunk any of it yet?

or is it purely for show?


My friend Neil made Guinness cake for the work bake off in August, I didn’t really like it that much though. He also has a cat and had to kill a pigeon last week on it’s behalf.


I don’t drink coffee but like coffee flavoured things (coffee itself tastes like dirt, hot water and washing up liquid) sometimes I drink those Starbucks chilled latte things, and I drink hot chocolate, sometimes when I drink hot chocolate I think ‘they should make a coffee flavoured one of these’ then I remember coffee exists


What made you get a baby coffee (aka latte) over an adult coffee (aka just a black filter coffee or an Americano if you want to be that person)?


Longer than I expected tbh, I don’t like the process of having to wait for a thing in Pret because there isn’t a designated waiting zone so you kind of just become a queue member who isn’t actually queuing. Could do with some work IMO.


I have had one sip.


Because I’m a dumb baby who is small and dumb and I made poopy in my nap-nap before ordering it.


I thought that might be the case. But, better latte than never hey?