Just got a latte


Hey, a Geppetto sounds like a type of coffee doesn’t it! “Hey, get me a geppetto, hold the cream. I’m walkin’ here!”


Don’t mean to get back to the topic so abruptly but are you adjusting your sugar intake at all with these different coffees Ant? Feel like you should always have it the same.


Be a bit mean not to give him a bumhole. Just a quick whizz with a drill and the job’s done.


Thanks Ruffers, great question. I have made a conscious decision to not add or take away anything from the products I’ve ordered and have kept them “A La Carte” this has meant no sugar has been added to any of the drinks so far in order to keep them as close to the “real thing” as possible.


I’m now getting quite a list of things to do it I ever decide to go and order coffee from a Pret.

  1. Order a gepetto
  2. Order a black cappuccino and get all arsey about them not making it right.
  3. Shoot them in the face.


I really have to urge you to reconsider shooting anybody in the face


Well I might be satisfied by the time I’ve had my fun with the first two.


Do you think you’d like this?



or This ?



To an extent, I’m not huge on caramel (or vanilla really) but it would probably be better than the actual macchiato I had on Friday. I don’t like white chocolate at all though so probably not the second one.


Salted caramel mocha?

Will you have frappachinos in summer?

You might like a cold brew with sweetened cream.


Salted caramel isn’t my cup of tea at all really.

I think I will have a frappachino in the summer, I had one in Amsterdam in 2011 which I really enjoyed but I was extremely stoned so it will be interesting to see if that holds up.

I will explore this cold brew thing at some point but I’ve got to admit, between you and me, Owen’s explanation upthread was absolute jargon to me.


Tell you what mate, I might get a Chai Latte tonight, reckon there’s anywhere that does them in the O2 Arena?


lazy git

(may I suggest getting it with oat milk!!!)


Get a NITRO COLD BREW please


When we went for a tour of the new office last Friday someone put oat milk in whatever they were drinking and it looked absolutely disgusting, don’t know if it had curdled or something but it really put me off it…

(Thank you for your research, I will get one I think)


That sounds intimidating IMO


Probably tea or black coffee I’d imagine.

It’s SOOO nice in a chai tho. No curdling.


Tell you what mate, for you, I’ll say the words “Can I have an oat milk chai latte place?” at around 1930 this evening.


I’d probably say please though instead of place.