Just got a latte


That’s a good point actually. Thanks mate.


Mocha is a drink that manages to take 2 nice drinks and ruin them both simultaneously


I bet you say things like “golf is a good walk spoiled” or something like that don’t you?


No. When I play golf I use a buggy and don’t mind it. Can be very frustrating though


I don’t like your new avatar


I like it


I don’t like your new attitude, frankly


Seems relevant to inform you that I am meeting a pal in the O2 Arena Starbucks at 19:30ish this evening so there is a chance I witness this “oat milk chai latte place” transaction in person.

(Great thread btw, have been following keenly)


do you think if you got a pret freebie it’s worth going in the same one again or do you think it’s really a one-and-done thing


Woah! Small world!


I think it’s worth going back to the same one again but I’m not a babe so I don’t know really.


And I work next to the O2, but no way am I hanging around here until 7:30 just to watch you order a coffee. Especially not if you’re not even going to shoot anyone.


I’m relieved about that tbh, I’d feel very uncomfortable if I knew I was being watched ordering an oat milk chai latte (or if I was being watched doing literally anything tbh)


here’s a thing: I was listening to a podcast where they were discussing chain where in a coffee shop the person in front of the queue pays for the for the person behind them, and they in turn pay the next person. anyone ever come across this?

the podcast hosts live in san francisco so it’s probably a wanky san fransisco thing


What happens when it gets to the end of the queue?


they pay for the next hypothetical customer I guess? I think it just goes on until someone decides to not pay for the next person


More to the point, who pays for the first person’s drink?


Personally, I think the system where you pay for yourself works quite well.


It’ll never catch on.


This happens a lot in the US at the drive through starbucks. Confused the hell out of me when I was told the person in front paid for me.