Just got a latte


Sounds an awful lot like shit for twats, to me


I thikn if I encountered this I would feel either resentment and anxiety (feeling obliged to keep this stupid fucking chain going) or guilt (for not keeping the queue going after 400 other people have). no kindness involved anywhere


Piecemeal trickle down Reganonimcs is absolutely shit for cunts
Get a functioning social state you smiley fucking chuds and we can all have addictive filth water


Are you using chuds in reference to Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers?


you knows it
gets uncomfortable when people read past the surface of my posts though


Is that a Goldie Lookin Chain reference?


Yes! You’re on a roll. But also what i said in my previous edit.


Is that a reference to… Warburtons?


@Antpocalypsenow I’m interested to know if this coffee adventure so far has made you consider purchasing a nespresso machine (other brands are acceptable). What are your thoughts on nespresso machines generally? Is this question too soon in the coffee adventure?


Hello, thanks for the question. I’ll be honest I’ve quite wanted a Nespresso machine for ages despite not really drinking coffee on accounts of how they look really satisfying to operate (and also it would probably make me a bit like Clooney and irresistible to the babes in the ads). My partner likes coffee and I always go on about how I’ll get her one as a gift one day and she shoots it down (correctly) as absurdly unnecessary and costly. I think it’s fairly inevitable that I’ll get one at some point and immediately have buyers remorse and shame every time I look at it.


Apologies for the delay, I’ve been run off my feet all day (I actually haven’t, I’ve been stuck in a bullshit meeting about the implementation of something which I know will not work, and even if it does, it will replace something which already does the job better, so that’s been fun).


Well your implementation of this could never be replaced, thank you again.


Yeah this was a key selling point for me but the reality was more like this


Thanks for your answer anyway. I would highly recommend purchasing one to continue your coffee adventures, I got one mine for mad cheap in the sales. Fuck Nespresso self service cafes and everything about them though.


Hey yo @meowington this one’s for you girl!


Did you say ‘please’ instead of ‘place’?

Also have a ruddy brilliant time tonight man, can I expect 200 words on the gig in tomorrow’s morning thread?


That was extremely delicious, you know your way around a chai latte mate. Great palate. I know it’s not on the chart but it would be a solid 9 (nine) if it was.


I did, I remembered my manners and also the correct word. I’ll get a full report to you asap mate. Thanks.


Any chance you could doctor this with a little greeny grey bar above the Americano titled “cow juice” and a big red cross through it?


I went to Slug & Lettuce instead (in case you were wondering)



I’ve never drank coffee but I’m really enjoying this thread and especially you updating this chart. Good work.