Just got a latte




very sad to see ant’s experiment go off the rails like this. a nice little thread we had here for a time.


This was just a brief sidebar. Normal service will resume tomorrow.


New poll, I’ve decided what I’m going to get today but this is a poll to see if the community can pick what I’ve decided correctly…

  • Cappuccino
  • Americano

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its obvious by now you’d prefer the taste of a cappuccino, but really a coffee = Americano and after yesterdays debacle well… :expressionless:


There’s no fucking way you’re getting a black coffee Tone.


Wanted to share this cool coffee art because I am the sort of sad case who loves stuff like this



I literally was going to get a black americano. I ordered it at the counter but THE MACHINE HAD BROKEN!!!

“We can only do milky coffees so a latte or a cappuccino” were the literal words out of the ladies’ mouth!

If anyone wants to verify please visit the Whitecross St branch of Pret (opposite Barbican Waitrose)

Can’t believe this has happened to me.

The upshot of all this is that I’ve got a cappuccino now…






I swear to you it’s true. You’ve got to believe me guys, the integrity of this thread is all I have!


I need them to come through for me here, I really, really need this.


Just when you thought the thread couldn’t get any better.


This is much worse!!! I was so looking forward to getting a grown-up coffee under my belt to get some of you snobs off my back for a bit but they’ve fucked me here. They’ve absolutely fucked me.

This is really testing my Pret A Manger loyalty…


can’t believe ant would lie to us like this


Why would you post this as a direct reply to me!?


So they can make the coffee to go with lat/cap but they can’t make a coffee?


Apparently so! I’m so confused by this whole affair, I feel like I’m on the verge of uncovering some grand conspiracy here.


We have a new coffee machine at work. I tried the tea latte this morning. Fucking rank.