Just got a latte


Couple of issues with this.

  1. Why do they need a machine? Surely they know they can do the espresso and then top it up with hot water?
  2. You’re going all the way to Whitecross St Pret and NOT getting coffee from Fix instead? You should have just got a black americano from there instead.
  3. Did you get a cappuchino?


excellent coffee humour this


Just trying to help out the big man in these uncertain times.


Thanks for fielding your questions civilly Desk, you’ve restored my faith in the thread a bit here.

  1. I don’t know but I’m doing everything I can to get to the bottom of this. I’d imagine the aspect of the machine that’s broken is the hot water boiling bit and some health and safety bods have said they can’t boil water any other way or something.

  2. I go to the Whitecross St Pret A Manger as the Waitrose Barbican is the usual lunch venue of choice for the four colleagues I lunch with. I will be moving on from Pret A Manger coffees as soon as I’ve sampled them all. I’m increasingly of the opinion that my loyalty to them is misplaced though…

  3. I did get a cappuccino yeah, it’s the same as a latte (6 (six) please @SenorDingDong not that it matters any more…)



  1. I would have got an espresso or double espresso and topped that up with hot water back in the office.

  2. HOLD UP. You’re not getting your free coffee from the 'trose??!

  3. No extra point for chocolate on top? I like cappuchinos better than lattes.

  1. I should have done that in hindsight but I panicked, if I had my time again there are many mistakes in my life I would rectify, maybe I’d have studied architecture instead of doing one year of film and TV production and dropping out, maybe I’d have locked that bastarding door that time, maybe I would have paid more attention in French class but the main thing I’d change is not getting an espresso and topping it up with hot water today.

  2. I’m not doing that no, I think you have to have a card for that and I have no room for any more cards in my life.

  3. There was chocolate on top!?



There, I said it.


Welcome, every point of view is valued in my thread and yours is no different x


Can you take a picture of this machine please?


You’re missing out on a free coffee each day!!! I can’t stand for that.
(I actually quite like Waitrose free americano. But I press the red hand to stop the hot water halfway up)

There was chocolate on top!


I didn’t mean to come in and Bamnan the whole thread. Sorry. I’ll leave now.


Do you go to the Barbican branch as well sometimes? There is a lady who works there who is truly awful and I think she hands the cups out sometimes so that’s another reason not to sign up for it.


No I don’t ever go to that one. I only go to the one in Crouch End or my new one in Winchmore Hill which is DIVINE as theres never anyone in there but it’s my understanding there is an issue with the cup situation there that makes my bf very unhappy.


I had a sausage roll and some nice cakes and stuff from a bakery in Crouch End just over one month ago.

How miserable a bastard are you? (probably features a poll)


Don’t get me started if it’s Gail’s. I’ve got beef with Gail’s.


I don’t think it was called “Gail’s” but I don’t know what it was called, having just Googled it might have been “Dunn’s”


this is part of the problem of being too loyal to pret, along with their coffee not being great (its just fine)


Is the problem the absence of chocolate as I really don’t think mine had any…


yeah quite often in pret they just sack it off coz they dont give a shit. i bet they dont sack it off for the freebiebabes tho


Are you sitting down coffee snobs? (bit too much reflection there)