Just got a latte


I’m ok with Dunn’s. No beef with Dunn’s.


Wow! Digital screen!

Do you know who out the warning up?


An idiot as the machine won’t work without the cup being there.

I have a black coffee.


Nice of them to provide instructions so he doesn’t have to cup his hands anymore.


I’m very happy for you, Ant.


That bin on the right is brand new today and you swipe your hand over it and it opens and then the blue lights count down before it closes!!!


I think I’m probably 55% tempted to go to a different branch of Pret A Manger to get a black Americano to prove the haters wrong


We have one of these bins in the Iron household :sunglasses:




Hey, thanks man x


I saw a Russian man dressed like Mark Rylance open and close it manually. I call him Rylanski. This may not be on.


Don’t mention it man - I love coffee. I hope you’re enjoying it.

Maybe we can grab a flat white sometime. Or a bulletproof.


I’m not sure how anyone would establish that someone is “dressed like Mark Rylance”


Has a hat





wouldn’t been seen dead having a coffee from that




Wouldn’t BEAN seen more like eh!!!




try not to injure yourself laughing too much