Just got a latte


Do we think there are going to be any other good threads today?!


I think it’s always good to have hope in your life.




FAO: Doubters and haters


Those fucking shits should be offering you a free Americano


I agree


Nice photoshop skills Tone


Tone i’ve just got myself a caramel nespresso

Whats your nespresso opinion? Do you have a machine at work?


This is too much now. We’ve all had “a laugh” but I feel like my reputation is being dragged through the mud here and by you of all people? I thought that Oat Milk Chai Latte had drawn us closer together but it seems like it might have started to tear us apart…


I posted about Nespresso machines just yesterday! Sometimes I feel like nobody is even reading this 790 post long thread about a person buying coffee!


You should get a Mars machine


I can’t wait to see what kind of coffee machine we end up getting in our new office!!!


i have had THREE (count em) flat whites today



Jeepers creepers!


3 americanos for me


Well it is a special day tomorrow Tone…it’s not too late.


I cannot tell you how poorly received me turning up after work tomorrow with an extremely expensive coffee machine would be…


have you rated the cappuccino yet?


Yeah, it kind of got lost amongst all the controversy and mud slinging but my rating is: “Exactly the same as a latte 6 (six)”


just get a normal not too expensive one, and when anything starts to be said just silently throw the machine at the wall, make dinner, and then go to bed.