Just got a latte


It’s only £90! It’s not that expensive.

(I am not the person to determine if something is expensive or not as I have a skewed vision on that)


Pays for itself after 30 pret coffees.


That isn’t actually as expensive as I thought it was! (Again, I cannot stress enough how badly it would go down regardless)


*sucks air throurgh teeth*


I think we’ll probably have leftovers to eat but this is a flawless plan otherwise.


*foodless pan




These milky baby coffees are all the same IMO mate


Ant do you reckon it’s game over after americano day tomorrow?


i quite like the visual of you just doing something spectacularly crazy, like setting up the entire machine in silence, not putting a mug under it and then just setting it running, never ONCE breaking eye contact.


I mean, the fact that I’m being indulged to the extent that I already have been is truly ridiculous so it could well be but I’m nothing but a pawn for the wider community so it’s out of my hands really.


It would be a really left-field move I’ll give you that


What are you gonna get?!


A black Americano!


For a valentines gift?!

Boring (and too late for coffee!!)


Ah right, I didn’t really understand the question.

We don’t “do” valentines day I’m afraid so no gifts or cards will be exchanged (this is at her insistence a couple of years back rather than my own it should be said)


Oh. Strange.

I never believe people who do the whole LET’S NOT DO THIS thing and aren’t like a little bit miffed




It’s like saying “nah don’t worry about getting me a coffee” then looking at everyone drinking coffee and thinking “I was secretly hoping they’d bring me back a coffee”


But then I’d have asked for a coffee if I’d wanted a coffee, because that would be the best way to ensure getting a coffee.