Just got a latte


But you can’t ask for a coffee!! especially when the other person has said they’re not getting you a coffee.


I’d take a coffee if it was offered but otherwise I’m perfectly capable of attending to my own coffee-based needs.

I’m not sure what we’re talking about any more.


I don’t think this is the case for us, it would be really weird if it was given she was the one who said it.


Are you not bothered about giving & receiving nice things?


Day 11,071. Still no coffee.


I like giving nice things but don’t like to add any pressure on the recipient to have to give me a nice thing in return.

(Our first Valentines day was spent in hospital as she was having a minor operation, I booked a nice weekend away to Brighton the year after with a fancy restaurant etc and I don’t think we’ve done anything for it since)


Is that how many days you’ve been alive!?


Yes, Tone, it is!




I know!


don’t you wonder what it tastes like?


Might start saying “Ciao!” now that I drink coffee


I have absolutely no interest. I can smell it and have never been interested. I can also observe its effects on my friends who drink it and I am not sure I need to add to my list of addictions.




please don’t


Too late!


Don’t be sad! I enjoy tea very much and that gets me through the day.


knew this would happen. you’re one of them now.


No, I’m still very much an “everyman”