Just got a latte


you were already one of them, there’s nothing that could be done for you.


ciao ciao!!


really want a coffee


when d’ya reckon’s too late for coffee?

i never really have one past about 4pm unless i’m in exceptional circumstances


was thinking of making a poll about this but cba but for me it’s much later outside than it is at home. doubt i’d ever make one at home later than 3pm but if i’m out in the evening or out for dinner all bets are off.


Flat white’s pushing it, tbh.



Busy in here today, eh?


just spent 30 mins reading this whole thing.

The twist that’s occurred in the last 4 hours…


I love mocha. Been making some incredible ones at home. Coffee snobs need not reply.


Disers are weirdly petrified of sugar


Please don’t get a machine that uses plastic coffee pods, tone. They’re really bad for the planet :confused:


I am only a coffee snob when it comes to milk. If necessary I’ll drink instant if it’s what’s being offered. But I do have a bit of a soft spot for a mocha. That said they always make me feel a bit weird, which is odd because I can chug espresso all day without getting dizzy.

Mochas are tasty coffee speedballs IMHO.


That’s a good point. I won’t do it!


It’s a real rollercoaster right!


You can get reusable pods and biodegradable pods too now!


read 400 replies of this now and i’m not even halfway through

fuck sake


It’s good isn’t it!


Hi Filth,

As Ant was thwarted in his attempt to place this order today, I was able to do so in his stead this evening. I can confirm that at the Canvey St branch (London SE1 9AN) when presented with the order “Just an americano please, to take away.”, the server’s response was “Black or white?”.

I did not shoot them in the face or anywhere else for that matter, but did think “I reckon this is worthy of a mention in the Latte thread”.

Perhaps when Ant is able to order his americano he’ll be able to give us an indication as to whether this is a standard company-wide response, or whether it varies by server. I certainly look forward to finding out.


Thanks for sharing your findings, pal. Very interested to add to them tomorrow…