Just got a latte


I’ve taken to ordering “a black Americano” now, which feels like ordering an unmarried bachelor but I STILL get asked if I want milk occasionally. Arrgh.



Still a big fan of this thread. I was wondering if, further to your oat milk chai latte yesterday, could you share any thoughts on what you felt the oat milk brought to the taste? I realise it is hard to have a full impression of this given you have not tried it with any other form of milk, but you might have some thoughts based on your general experience of other milk.

I think oat is my favourite of the plant milks, from some recent exploration of various kinds, and I am considering purchasing an oat milk chai latte if I go out tomorrow morning.


Thank you very much for your question. You’re right in saying that I’m going to struggle for an answer though given my inexperience with the Chai Latte in a wider context. I enjoyed it hugely though but, as discussed elsewhere today, I think the oat milk may have been a contributing factor to me needing to do a lot of blow-offs in the following hour or so and I was in a very crowded public setting so it wasn’t ideal.

I think in order to give your question the answer it deserves I’ll need to try a Chai Latte with a few different milks but that shouldn’t be a problem as it really was an absolute delight!


Things have gone really bad

After shooting a barrista in the face this evening I’ve had to go on the lam. My bank cards have been I presume deliberately frozen and I only have the pret New York deli sandwich I was buying at the point of murder. I need help. @colinfilth I feel lik you owe me your couch - I’ll see you in roughly 30 minutes


I was anti oat milk
But now I am pro oat milk
however only pro oat milk in chai latte

I had a Starbucks oat milk macchiato and I did not like. I also used oat milk in my protein shake and it went…well…oaty? Like gritty and textured!

Still pro oat



I am proalmond


Really I’m pro-whateverisonoffer


I haven’t found a plant milk that I like for everything yet, but oat is the best so far for me in drinks (weirdly I thought it was terrible in porridge). Should probably make a chart to properly evaluate all of them.


Happy Valentine’s Day to this thread


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Have had this bloody song in my head all morning and I’m holding this thread responsible


Oats soaking in more oats. What a world.


Is there any health benefit to oats?


They can give beer a nice mouthfeel which is good enough for me.


Very kind post, thank you.


Black Americano today?


You betcha!


Can’t wait.

Also what your reasoning behind having it with lunch?
It’s definitely the least likely time of day for me to be having a hot beverage, let alone a coffee.

But then again, I am very fond of a coffee pop about 10:30 or 3pm.


I’m not ready or willing to replace my morning cup of tea and I definitely don’t think I could replace my 4pm tea with a coffee on accounts of it would make me unable to sleep so lunch seems like the only option left really (also the Pret A Manger I visit is in and around my lunch destination)


You know you can have tea AND coffee, right?

I have my tea first thing. Then coffee when I get to work. Then tea at about 11am. Then tea again after lunch. Then coffee about 3pm. Then I switch to herbal teas after work.