Just got heckled

Twice in a week somebody has shouted something to mock me from a car window, it’s 100% because I have long hair and look like shit too.

Is there any good retort I can do quickly? Pretty difficult as they are speeding past me I guess.



Just flick 'em the V.

I hate shit like this, hard not to get wound up by it, I always end up engaging in elaborate Charles Bronson style revenge fantasies which only serve to rile me up even more.


I used to get that when i had long hair. I tended to smile and maybe blow them a kiss, or if it was a more aggressive type of heckle just say, “I hope that was cathartic”. I think I right upset some angry man in a red van saying that last year.


Get shouted at quite a bit when I run in my tights. Normally homophobic

just makes me more determined to look crappy and I’m keeping the stupid moustache

which is kind of annoying because I am thinking about cutting off my hair but stuff like this ruins it for me

terrible! Can’t believe how many people think it’s fine to make comments on anyone they don’t know

carry some sunglasses with you and whenever it happens freeze, maintain perfect eye contact and slowly put your shades on


I like this one

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Blow them a kiss.

don’t like milkshakes but I could chuck a carton of milk over them I guess

a group of lads in a car did this to me about 10 years ago over my shorts (?!) but they stopped about 10 metres later at a traffic light. walked over to the car and they wound the window up and jumped the light.


ahahaha, pricks!

Still my favourite


enjoy the absolutely luxury of living in Brighton and not having to deal with this; went for a run in Tooting once and two separate groups of guys shouted ‘118 118’ at me because I had a headband on.

actually quite liked that one even though I’m obviously anti-heckling in general

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really wished i’d keyed the car or ripped the wingmirror off or something now. :frowning:

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it’s annoying how occasionally you will think of these incidents years later and get frustrated with your inaction


something to note - spain is a mecca for groups of jovial lads in souped up astras, and never once been heckled here. always anticipate it when I see one coming, but never ever happens.

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in fact the person (english) who was just visiting heckled someone from the car and I was like fuck dude stop that.