Just got meself a bag of Fruit Sherberts

I haven’t heard of documentary now

The I refer you to this which I believe you may have missed

i got a bottle of orange juice out of greggs because it was only 30p not sure why i went for orange juice

it’s not really cold so won’t be that good. should i stick it in the fridge for a bit or just tan it to get rid of it?

don’t really want it

Oh sorry, I did miss that. I’ll research it now.

Dilute it and they you have orange squash instead

that’s a really bad idea and i regret asking you

I can do better

Still going strong with these


There are yellows, oranges, reds and purples.

I like the reds and purples, the oranges and yellows are not nice

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Did I tell you about Creano?

Creano told me once “I can’t eat citrus flavoured sweets as they make my head go sweaty” and then he had one of my yellow and green Colins and his head did go sweaty.

how were the other children in the shop

Not according to Creano, no

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Children don’t like “fruit sherberts” unless they are off of “The Famous Five”

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did they tell you that?

Who? Children or “The Famous Five”? (Or the Fruit Sherberts I guess?)

yesterday I drove past a cyclist who was riding no handed and was weaving about a fair bit on the road as a result

as I got past him i realised he was using his hands to scoff a big bag of haribo. fair doos really

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no the other children in the shop

The shop was “Waitrose”

T-Delight is the fuckin’ tits mate. Ruffers agrees as well.