Just got Paramount+

Every episode of Jersey Shore and Jersey Shore Family Vacation? See you all in 2024!


Watch Young Indiana Jones

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Never seen the originals

Watch Indiana Jones.


Jersey Shore? Will do!


Was watching Gogglebox last night and half the shows were on Paramount+, they must have a grubby deal surely nobody’s actually watching that stuff

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Were they watching Jersey Shore?

No :cry:

Watch young Indiana jones

The whole show has always been a series of grubby deals to promote expensive TV subscriptions. Always used to do Sky/Now then earlier this series every week was that Bad Sisters or whatever show from Apple TV. Promoting P+ is just the latest in a long line.

We did the one week trial via Amazon - seems really poor value to me unless you’re super into Star Trek. Barely has any content compared to other services in that price range.

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I got Paramount+ solely for Beavis & Butt-head

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It’s also got an excellent selection of 80s 90s thrillers.


We’re in the process of rewatching it all, it really is the greatest show ever. Just lightning in a bottle casting.

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There’s an All Star Shore. Angelina is paired up with Joey Essex


Is that one worth watching? We tried the first episode and were worried it might be heavy on challenges / short on genuine drama.

Only got the first one on myself but it seems it might be alright

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That’s what I came in to say.

I’ve also started Detroiters, and have a few other things in my queue but they’re from Showtime since they combined the apps.

Lots of great Real World seasons on there too, though missing a few of the best.

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Watch the heathers TV show