Just got Paramount+


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Happy Ronnie is such a joy to watch, his talking head comments are so good too. Love how he says Schnookie.

Also got every I think every episode of Catfish. The one with the ghost is obviously the best but I’ve a lot of time for the Katy Perry one as well.

No Way What GIF by mtv

Assumed this would have King of the Hill and it doesn’t.

Where can I stream King of the Hill in the UK?!

Apparently nowhere at the moment but there’s been a Disney+ page that Google can find for at least 3 months so presumably it was a Fox show and there are rights they’re untangling?

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It’s been on Hulu in America for ages and is meant to be on Disney+ here this year I think. I know that an independent distribution company took over the DVD rights from about S6 but not sure that would affect it (got all the dvds so it’s not the end of the world but streaming them would be nice)


Dr Mrs Epimer just got Paramount+ and I’m using it to watch the League of Legends esports mockumentary