Just got really freaked out

My Bluetooth speaker just turned itself on and like children started chanting something three times in a row and then stopped. I didn’t hear what it was saying as I was in the other room but I asked my mum and she said it sounded like it was in another language.

What’s happening???



I think Bluetooth hacking might have been a thing , once? Was it?

wouldn’t you have to be quite close by to do that, also I’m pretty sure I didn’t leave the speaker on


could there have been like an annoying audio advert on DiS or something and somehow the bluetooth connected?!?

This is going to stress me out until i figure it out

sexy ghosts?

rich people



Was it just a speaker? Not an Alexa or anything?

tried googling for creepy chanting and bluetooth acting strange but nothing correlates.

just a Sony bluetooth speaker

would never let an Alexa into my home


Not even an actual lady called Alexa?


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well yeah unless they were named after the tech gadget

Bercowtooth speaker

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I mean mine doesn’t even have internet or anything :’(

I’m scared!