Just got run over by a lady in a mobility scooter...twice



in Lidl.

was minding my own business in the queue, judging the woman in front of me on her shopping (as we all do) when boom! felt something smash into the back of my leg from behind.

turned round and a lady had lost control of her scooter. I had already clocked her earlier behind me, but she looked like she knew what she was up to by the way she parked it right next to the conveyor belt thing earlier. how wrong I was!

she said sorry about 3 times, I turned round and she did it again.

she apologised profusely and some guy in the other queue made a comment about me ‘having another one’ or something. I told her it was no sweat and pushed on with the experience, albeit now very shaky

bloody hurt, I can tell ya.

today is NOT MY DAY



What did you get this time?


man. I’m shook up, I can tell ya! can’t be assed with the whole list

highlights include:

phish food
mange tout
2 x Asahi
3 kiwis
other stuff



Sorry about your experience pal, was trying to take your mind off it with some grocery chat. Phish food is the tits mate. Do you like the band Phish?


can’t say I’ve heard of them, bud. any good?


They’re who the ice cream is named after, used to go out with a girl who was obsessed with them. Like the Grateful Dead, hippy jam band type of stuff enjoyed exclusively by drug users. Could go either way with I guess given your jazz love.


i’ve enjoyed your anecdotes this week, although I need to be a bit more sensitive to the fact that they’ve been at some cost to yourself.


Moderate to low interesting story:

When I was 17 one of my mates passed her driving test and took me and another couple mates out in her mum’s car. Coming up to some red lights she drove in to the back of the car stopped in front of us. Not like a massive crash or anything, but a bit of damage. She was pretty highly strung and immediately (and understandably) was mega upset, crying and stuff. The car in front indicates to pull in to a pub car park, no doubt to swap details and all that. We pull in behind them, crying and wheezing. Car in front stops, we drive in to the back of them again. Lady driving the car in front gets out and is in an absolute rage, sees my the state of my mate (by now beyond upset) and ends up giving her a hug. Quite nice really.


Didn’t know that Lidl sold Ben and Jerry’s. Assumed it would be some rip off substitute?


I have derived some enjoyment from your story.


nah man. genuine product. £2.49. I don’t usually do ice cream but thought I’d treat myself. £2.49 is good, yeah?


Very reasonable for B&J’s


I’ve paid far, far more.

Edit: Wait, I misread that.


got some baby potatoes, too. 39p