Just got these texts

From someone saying theyr the gas engineer from my landlord and my gaa check is due tomorrow.

How would you respond? This is the first weve heard, its not very professional and tbh a bit late to be asking…or am i just overly paranoid.

Ive emailed my letting agent to see if its legit but wont get a reply till tomorrow

Text also juat came off a mobile number

just text back saying you’re waiting to get confirmation from your landlord. tbh if they can confirm your name, phone and address (along with landlord’s name) it’s probably legit, but worth checking.

Whiff of bullshit about these texts TKC


sounds weird. i’d probably start sexting them


Yeah im sure its fine, its just getting a text at half 7 the day before in an unprofessional written way then that arsey follow up, its a bit odd

They also rang twice but no.voicemail or anything

This looks very very dodgy.

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What’s your relationship with the landlord like? I had a boiler inspection a couple of week’s back and mine contacted me to let me know someone would be calling me to arrange it. This is the norm for me

Theyve always made us aware of things before yeah so I would have expectes to have done so here as well

Doesn’t seem arsey to me tbh.
Would wait for your landlord to confirm anything though

Its the ‘so’ bit

Yeah, if they normally contact you then I’d definitely think there was something up here. Hopefully it’s just a case of crossed wires.

Still not arsey… :confused:

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Do you not think? Seems a bit passive aggressive to me!

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Sounds dodgy to me, confirm it with your letting agent or landlord.

Much like you’ve found out about this late on, so could the tradesperson who is trying to sort their workload out for tomorrow…

The message prior to the ‘so’ was more a statement of why they need to come… the ‘so’ was just to clarify that they could do with confirmation…

Fair does, I read it a bit differently myself!

Do you guys reckon I should text them back to say awaiting confirmation from.landlord or leave it till I have heard from.them?

I could be completely wrong and they turn out to be a grumpy wanker :joy:

Are you in tomorrow?
Edit: I ask because if your not in then it’s up to your landlord anyway etc

Its you all along!! Ha

Nah im at work all day